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SandS Technologies was founded in order to provide smart and simple technology solutions that help improve lives. Our team is committed to developing simple, yet powerful products that have a direct impact on our client's bottom line. Our latest product, M-Recruit TM, exemplifies how our 50 years of combined experience can impact a market's bottom line and still manage to empower the end-user.

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Phone: (505)715-6257
E-mail: sales@mrecruit.net
Phone: +972-54-2323032
E-mail: sales@mrecruit.net
E-mail: slava.vaisman@mrecruit.net
Phone: +91-9633144494
E-mail: mohammed.shabbuddin@mrecruit.net

Alex Povereny, CEO

Alex Povereny CEO Sands Technologies M-Recruit (TM)

As CEO, Alex Povereny handles the firm's ongoing daily operations. He offers experience as a Project Manager professional with more than a decade of expertise, providing full SDLC for complex multi-site programs and initiatives. This includes planning and executing projects, team management, direct interaction and development of long-term cooperation with client management, business requirements gathering, and application development for software services. Certified by PMI, Povereny Co-Founded Sands-Technologies Israel, in addition to roles as Delivery Manager for Matrix, Project Manager with Leumi Card and Project Manager at DBQ.

Slava Vaisman, CTO

Slava Vaisman CTO Sands Technologies M-Recruit (TM)

As CTO, Co-Founder Slava Vaisman is charged with the firm's development process. He is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Queensland (part of its School of Mathematics and Physics). Slava earned a Ph.D. in Information Systems Engineering, an M.Sc. In Computer Science, and a B.Sc. in Information Systems Engineering. His research expertise is in the field of "rare events", those that occur with "a very small probability", with additional interest in the fields of Theoretical Computer Science, Optimization and Counting. His research focus comprises the areas of Stochastic Simulation, Randomized Algorithms, Optimization and Rare Event Simulation.

Diane Eschenbach, CMO

Diane Eschenbach CMO Sands Technologies M-Recruit (TM)

Diane Eschenbach oversees all Marketing & Sales for Sands-Technologies. As a start-up specialist & marketing expert, she has worked for more than three decades as a marketing consultant and advisor to entrepreneurs, venture capital groups and agencies-consulting countless entrepreneurs to help them develop marketing plans and company infrastructures. During her career, Eschenbach has worked with the likes of Chemical Bank, MONY, AC&R Advertising, Bloomingdales, Arrow Shirt and Chanel. She also co-authored a renowned article about Medical Marketing that comprised a pioneering work about the marketing concept of traditional botanical medicine. Eschenbach has also authored a book about launching an online business for entrepreneurs 50+. She is a Co-Founder of Sands Technologies, and earned a degree in Organizational Leadership from Fordham University.

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