M-RecruitTM - FAQ

 As a Recruiter, how can I use M-RecruitTM?

M-RecruitTM can help you pre-qualify your candidates in a quick, accurate and cost efficient way. Create your quiz, post your link and get your results.

 What if I don't have a quiz prepared?

You can post your M-RecruitTM link on any website, social media post or email. The M-RecruitTM software keeps track of all your posts and provides you the information and results on all the candidates that respond.

 Where will I be able to post my M-RecruitTM generated link?

The best tests are the ones that match your job opening, however if you don't have one, M-RecruitTM offers custom quizzes for an additional charge. You may also use free questions from our public database. You may also use any free tests in the public database. The M-RecruitTM team is always standing by to help you put together your test if you need help.

 How do I benefit from the M-Recruit Lab?

By posting your quizzes in the Lab as well as your social media, you can find new personnel quickly and accurately from a new pre-qualified source. The old ways of recruiting just aren't helping hiring managers enough as they find themselves swamped with little time to sift through the avalanche of keyword-stuffed resumes, not really knowing whether the candidate has the skills, while competitors grab the best candidates before they've even had a chance to screen them. Many candidates accept offers mid-stream causing a loss of the recruiter's valuable efforts. M-RecruitTM was designed to shave hours off the pre-screening process and put the control of pre-qualification at the fingertips of hiring managers.

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