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At Sands Technologies, we’ve decided to create a Lab where users can go and try out different kinds of jobs and see where they excel or fall short. Our M-RecruitTM product gives users an instant rank which they can then use at their own discretion. We want to put the power in their hands. It is designed to let them know where they fit for a particular job and how they rank among their peers. We’re hoping job seekers use this rank as a means for job empowerment, to show off on LinkedIn and use the Lab to make a global change in the way jobs are created. We're totally open to listen to what users have to say.

Advantages of the Lab:
  • Users can use their rank to analyze their skill set compared to their peers.
  • Users can use their rank to communicate their skill level in a particular area by posting their rank on social media and job sites so they can advertise themselves proactively, rather than wait for employers to find them.
  • Users can use any lower scores as a guide to take more training (analyzed and suggested by the Lab in the mentoring section).
  • Users can try out other types of jobs to see if their life experience has prepared them for that.Statistics show that 70% of candidates looking for work are open to trying new kinds of jobs.
If you are interested in giving us feedback please email us above or follow our Google+ Millennials Round Table Circle
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